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Acuo Audio Research strives towards being a leading company within audio, sound quality and signal processing

Our uniqueness lies in the combined knowledge of each engineer, which incorporates signal processing, acoustics, computer science and mathematics, resulting in inventions of state-of-the-art algorithms

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The cutting edge tuning tool

Our ambition is to offer the best performing tuning tool on the market

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Expert consulting in audio and software development

Team members with 20+ years experience

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Inventions resulting in two pending European patents and multiple company trade secrets

The cutting edge tuning tool

Sound tuning has always been a time consuming and iterative process. As a result of increased signal processing capabilities, more refined tuning tools have been developed and released to market. The resulting sound quality is dramatically enhanced by introducing FIR filters and mixed-phase control. To this date and to our knowledge, however, the best performing tuning tools on the market still require manual iterative post-tuning steps and the resulting system-level performance is not optimum. In light of this, we decided to take on a new approach and invent a tuning tool from scratch based on our combined knowledge in signal processing, acoustics, computer science and mathematics with the ambition to create the best performing tuning tool on the market. The result of this journey is AAR!


Superior performance – minimum tuning time

Mixed-phase active room-acoustics control

Complete system optimization

Powerful analysis tools

User interaction

High-level settings

Optional full-automatic tuning

Simulation of total system response

Multi-rate FIR filter export


~2 hours complete tuning time (including measurements)

Channel re-calculation in seconds


All inventions and IP developed by Acuo

2024 AES 5th International Conference on Automotive Audio

We are delighted to launch our cutting edge tuning tool as event sponsor on our home ground

Experience the performance in our demo where we improve a state-of-the-art system by replacing the existing FIRs!


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